Relying on our global presence and long-term relationships with metals and agriculture top-tier producers, we are able to offer a complete pricing and logistics solution that best suits your needs. As a small organization we have the ability to act quickly and respond efficiently to our constantly changing clients needs.

Amanacore's commodities portfolio is comprised of minor metals and a wide variety of agriculture products as listed below. We are also able to adapt to clients requirements and encourage you to consult us for our sourcing capabilities. All Certificate of Analysis for these products can be obtained upon request.

Advanced Materials
    - Magnesium Oxide: MgO with applications to Abrasive industry, Animal Feed production, and production of Magnesium Salts

    - Cobalt Oxide : CoO formulated for Glass, Ceramics and Pigments applications
    - Cobalt Sulphate : Applies to Cobalt salt, drying agent for painting Cobalt pigment, additive to alkaline batteries and electroplating
    - Cobalt Carbonate : Applies to Cobalt salt, cobalt dyes, feedstuff and enamel color chemicals
    - Cobalt Chloride : Mainly applies to drying agent for paints, indicator of silica gel dryer, and coloring agent for electroplating and ceramics
    - Cobalt Oxalate : Applies to make Cobalt powder and other Cobalt salt
    - Cobalt Decanoate : Cobalt bonding agent for rubber. Ideal bonding agents for steel meridian cord tire and rubber-metal composite products